• Modern assassins, murder and social media

    Steven Sotloff’s murder and decapitation is a tragedy in itself, but it also marks a turning point both for journalism and the communications strategy for the world’s most murderous insurgencies. Terrorists these days are spending so much effort on video production techniques that some analysts suspect that both Steven Sotloff and Jim Foley may have been murdered at the same time, […]

    Steven Sotloff
  • The Silver Fox Remembered

    With the death of former Soviet Foreign Minister and Georgian leader Eduard Shevardnadze earlier this month, journalist and writer Thomas Goltz remembers.  Livingston, Montana — Eduard Shevardnadze and I bonded during the siege and fall of the eastern Black Sea city of Sukhumi in September, 1993, and maybe because various Russian radio stations had declared us both missing and presumed […]

    Writer Thomas Goltz (left_ with Shervardnaze seated.
  • Putting UNRWA back on the Map

    With the civil war in Syria stalemated in its fourth year and more than 164,000 Syrians dead, the public has begun to be anesthetized to what is really at stake.  That changed briefly Thursday night (March 20) when photographs of refugees caught up in the conflict flashed for nearly an hour on giant video screens in New York’s Times Square […]

    Putting UNRWA back on the Map
  • The Killing of a journalist – Plus statement of the AFPA

    By Edward Girardet. (Followed by an open letter of the Afghanistan Foreign Press Association (AFPA). The brazen assassination of veteran British-Swedish radio journalist Nils Horner by unknown assailants in the streets of Kabul earlier this week has been claimed by Fidai Mahaz, a hardline fundamentalist group. Mahaz, which was linked to the kidnapping of New York Times correspondent David Rohde in 2008, […]

    The Killing of a journalist – Plus statement of the AFPA
  • By air, by land and by Karma – transportation in Nepal’s Himalayas

    The following article on travelling in Nepal was written by Donatella Lorch, an American-Italian journalist living in Katmandu. Katamandu — I learned a new expression this week: Controlled Flight into Terrain or CFIT meant to describe a plane crash where a pilot unintentionally flies into the ground or a mountain. For anyone who flies around Nepal, this is a stark […]

    By air, by land and by Karma – transportation in Nepal’s Himalayas
  • TedX plea for West not to abandon Afghanistan

    Masood Khalili, Afghan ambassador to Spain – and son of famed 20th century Afghan poet Khalillulah Khalili – makes an impassioned plea from the heart in an Alcobendas, Spain TedX  for the West not to abandon Afghanistan post-2014. The United States and Europe did this once before following the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan in 1989. The end was result was […]

    TedX plea for West not to abandon Afghanistan
  • The UN Takes on FGM/C in an Art Exhibit at the Palais

    “A woman wounded is a nation wounded.” The exhibition of paintings currently on display at the UN’s Palais des Nations in Geneva is both graphic and direct.  It is sponsored by Canada, Ghana and Togo, its goal is to draw attention to the UN’s ongoing campaign against FGM/C, the current acronym for Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting.  The tradition of using a […]

    The UN Takes on FGM/C in an Art Exhibit at the Palais
  • Switzerland’s Immigration Vote: Nationalism, racism or fear.

    A version of this was first published by Le News, the free English-language weekly for the Lake Geneva region. This includes the cartoon by award-winning American artist Jeff Danziger – excellent cartoons on his website plus latest books. The razor-edge win by Switzerland’s rightwing People Party (SVP) on 9 February, 2014 to curb immigration is bad news for those who see […]

    The boat is full. Switzerland's right-wing response to immigration. Copyright Jeff Danziger.

Other News

What ever happened to real foreign reporting?

What ever happened to real foreign reporting?

The brutal murder in the name of Islam of American reporter James Foley by a British Jihadist outlines – once again – the extreme dangers journalists, many of them freelance, now face when trying to cover the world’s conflicts and humanitarian crisis zones. But the broader remains: who is going to provide the credible reporting we all need about what’s […]

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The carbon tax you are already paying

This piece is contributed by Mark Schapiro, an international writer specialising in environmental issues. He is currently working on his new book titled CARBON SHOCK. On the heels of the hottest spring in memory, and its accompaniment—drought—came the first-ever comprehensive assessment, from theRisky Business troika of Steyer-Paulson-Bloomberg, of the hundreds of millions of dollars that climate change is likely to cost […]

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People yearning to have a say

Time to focus on the people behind the numbers

This piece is contributed by Nick van Praag, a humanitarian specialist and director of Keystone’s Ground Truth programme. A slew of statistics released this week by UNHCR points to a rising tide of human misery as the number of refugees and displaced people continues its upward trajectory. But, as Jeff Crisp of Refugees International points out, the latest numbers beg as many questions as […]

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Rebranding the Millennium Development Goals

by Priyash Bista Geneva – The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) were supposed to create benchmarks for the developed world’s commitment to eliminating global poverty. The target date for completion is next year, and despite the fact that the U.N. still refers to the effort as “a milestone in global and national development efforts,” the record of the MDGs is spotty […]

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“Way to Massacre Place” – We know the Where. Please fill in the Who, What, Why

Donatella Lorch writes about the lack of concrete evidence in the massacre of the Nepalese royal family that took place in 2001 in her personal blog tangledjourneys. Kathmandu, Nepal – The sign is nondescript and small. For my nine-year-old son, it is the first tantalizing hint of what lies ahead. “Way to Massacre Place,” it declares, an arrow pointing right, followed […]

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Frontline Earth: Maidan, Taksim, Tahrir – Revolution 2.0

The following piece in French is by Essential Edge French editor Daniel Wermus.  Geneva — Chaque bouleversement technologique a, dans l’histoire, produit un bouleversement social. L’imprimerie a déclenché la Réforme. La révolution industrielle, le mouvement ouvrier. Aujourd’hui, internet, facebook et smartphones bousculent les autocrates. Maidan, Taksim, Tahrir drainent des foules immenses, attirées au départ par quelques blogueurs éberlués de leur […]

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How bad language leads to poor humanitarian outcomes

How bad language leads to poor humanitarian outcomes

Nicholas van Praag of Keystone’s Groundtruth programme writes about the importance of language when dealing with the people one is trying to help. When someone as eloquent as Robert Chambers chides you on your use of language, it is smart to listen. Last week the grand old man of ‘people first’ development challenged participants at the annual meeting of ALNAP to find […]

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Senegal turns toward agro-ecology

The following piece is by Essential Edge French editor Daniel Wermus. Le Sénégal veut se tourner vers l’agro-écologie Le processus « Changement de cap dans l’agriculture », lancé après Rio+20 par le Comité de la sécurité alimentaire mondiale, est pris en charge par l’Etat et la société civile sénégalaise. L’ONG suisse Biovision joue le rôle de facilitateur. Le Sénégal pourrait devenir un […]

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No accounting for what charities ship overseas

No accounting for what charities ship overseas

The following report was published 24 January 2014 by the Center for Investigative Reporting in San Francisco as part of the America’s Worst Charities’ Project with the Tampa Bay Times and CNN. It was reported by Kendall Taggart (CIR) and Kris Hundley (Tampa Bay Times). GUATEMALA CITY – In 2010, one of Central America’s poorest countries received huge shipments of humanitarian […]

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Essential Media Associates

Essential Media Associates

CORE MEDIA ASSOCIATES Crosslines Essential Media Consultancies is based out of Geneva, Switzerland and London, United Kingdom. It is part of Crosslines Essential Media (UK), Ltd. working in close collaboration with the Media Action International Journalism Network, a non-profit association. Our network consists of local, regional and international editors, journalists, producers, photographers, film-makers, social media experts, communications’ representatives and others interested in the […]

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